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Just tap the red Duet button on the upper right corner of a post or tutorial video. Note: Tap the timer on the camera screen (small red clock icon) to bring yourself in the right position before recording.

Yes, you can save your videos in a privat folder at any time. Just activate Save Private before you publish a post. All videos in this folder will only be visible for you. In addition, you can change the settings of a post from private to public and vice versa by hitting the three dot icon.

Me covers all videos that you have posted. Those can be Solos, Duets or Battles.Feat stands for featured. Here you will find posts of other users in which you are featured. For example; If a user creates a Duet or a Battle with one of your posts, it will be shown in the 'Feat' section.

We are working very hard to bring Ayoo to all Android devices as fast as possible. You can subscribe on www.ayoo.app to get notified as soon as it is ready.

Go to your profile page and hit the Add Friends icon on the upper left corner. Select Share Profile and choose your favorite messaging app (e.g. iMessage, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Twitter or any other).

Yes, you can! Tap the Add Music icon on the camera recording screen and switch from Ayoo Music to My Tracks. Please note that you need to allow access to your media library before.